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What We Do

The process is straightforward: Assess, design, teach, re-assess. That’s the usual process for any structure. Now for the nitty-gritty.

At the assessment, we not only meet you and your child – you get to meet us, too. We get to know each other and see whether we can work together. You give us data – we assess and turn that data into useful information.

Then, we design a programme, especially for your child. We have a vast array of textbooks, worksheets, computer and tablet programmes, and concrete teaching materials. Your child gets what your child needs. There’s no concept of following a course blindly – we tailor a programme to suit your child. We have the flexibility to change the programme as we need. Just like your child, the programme changes to suit. If your child has learned to do fractions beautifully, we don’t keep teaching the fractions just because the book says so. If your child makes an error, we don’t rely on a textbook or a computer programme to tell us what to do next – we’re teachers. We make changes proactively because we already know the student’s needs and evaluate their progress continually.

Regular reassessments keep you appraised of their progress. Please take the opportunity to talk to us when you pick your child up, or feel welcome to make an appointment to speak to your child’s tutor or the centre owner. When parents work with the Centre, real learning happens for your child.

If you ever want extra information – we’re a phone call away. Talk to us so that, together, we can help your child.

If this sounds like the kind of professionalism you would like to see in your child’s tuition CALL 1300 851 062 or click here to send us a message. Positive life-changing tutoring solutions.

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