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Tutoring services

We all know that every child has the right to become the best they can be. Be that the ability to to achieve 100% in the HSC or the ability to do a little better in NAPLAN, every child deserves to do the best possible.



And it doesn’t matter what school your child attends – State Schools like Chifley College or Mt Druitt Public School or private schools like Loyola Senior  High  or Sacred Heart Primary School or others – your child CAN improve.

Mt Druitt offers many tutors but only Frontrunner tutors for a living. That means that we’ve spent years in training, we have years in school teaching experience and we spend our time developing materials and following the research. That’s how we have become the leaders in tuition in Mt Druitt.

If you want to know more, go to www.frontrunnerlearningcentres.com.au

If you would like to arrange a FREE, no obligation assessment, call Martin on 9832 8299. If you’re looking for tuition in Mt Druitt, you need to ask a couple of questions:


What do they know about the needs of children in this area?

You really want someone who has been around here for a long time; they’ll know the area, the schools and the needs of children HERE.


Are the tutors actual teachers?

Look for people who have spent years training and teaching; they already “know their stuff”


Do they have other training?

Look for someone who can do more than merely teach the syllabus. Specialist training in dyslexia, in ADHD, in ASD, in visual problems. This means they’ve put the hard work into being better at what they do.


Do they refer to other professional?

Look for a tutor who has the respect of other professionals and get referrals from them. A good tutor knows when to refer to others.


Do they use proper, testing?

A good tutor uses well-known tests; poor testing gives wrong results and bad programs.


Does the tutor develop a program?

Look for a tutor who can teach what the child needs. If the tutor has English classes and Maths classes, then your child is going into a class – not into tuition.


How big is the group? 

Any more than six students is a classroom.


Do you get to see the testing?

You need to be present during testing so you can see how the tutor relates to your child.

Located just 600m from Rooty Hill Station, on Rooty Hill Rd North, we are on your doorstep. And the door can be opened to let your child succeed.



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