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Tutoring services

Blacktown offers several options in tutoring but only one of them will give you child the care and attention you’re looking for.




Whether it’s because your child needs a bit of help or whether it’s because your child is struggling or whether it’s because your child has special needs, Frontrunner Learning Centres can provide what other tutors can’t.

No matter what school your child attends – State Schools like Blacktown Girls or Blacktown Boys or private schools like Tyndale Christian School of St Patrick’s Primary School School or others – Frontrunner offers parents in Blacktown peace of mind in learning.

Some children need a bit of a top-up, some need a lot of help and some need special support. Only Frontrunner can provide for all those children. We can also help Gifted children attain their potential. Who else can do all those things?

If you want to know more, go to www.frontrunnerlearningcentres.com.au

If you would like to arrange a FREE, no obligation assessment, call Martin on 9832 8299. If you’re looking for tuition in Blacktown, you need to ask a couple of questions:

Just come down Richmond rd, then Rooty Hill Rd North and you’ll find us ready to help you get the best for your child.






How long have they been in the Blacktown area?

For your child, you need someone who has been around for along time. They will know the area, the schools and the needs of the community.

Are they actual, trained teachers?

You want to know that your putting your child in the hands of someone who has spent years developing their skill. You also want someone who has kept up their training. Extra knowledge in areas such as ADHD, dyslexia, linguistic development, visual acuities and many, many others, all help to make the tutor more likely to doo what your child needs.

Do they assess your child?

Standardised testing allows tutor to develop a program specifically for your child. It also lets the tutor measure performance. Without testing, it’s not really tuition.

Is the program individualised?

If your child is to get individual support, the tutor must give a specific program, suited to YOUR child’s needs. If all the students are doing the same thing, at the same time, it’s a class.

How many in the group?

Any more than 6 students and it’s not tuition. It’s a classroom.

Do you get to see the testing?

This is your opportunity to watch the tutor at work. You get a sample of how the tutor and your child will relate to each other.

Does the tutor take time to explain everything?

It is important the tutor explains your child’s needs as week as what need to be done and why.






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