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Can You Help My Child?

Learning Difficulties

The topic of learning difficulties is vast and we have expertise across the network to cover nearly every issue your child may face. Whether the difficulty is related to a language deficit, a motor development issue or an issue with cognitive development, dyslexia or many, many other problems, we can give your child a start and a direction. Together with you, we can make a huge difference in your child’s future.

The Assessment Process

At the assessment we will establish what issues are preventing your child from learning. We then work at removing these learning obstacles and helping your child catch up. If your child has issues that are outside our area of expertise, including such things as visual behaviour, developmental or other such problems, we can refer you to someone who can help. Once these issues have been dealt with, we can help your child catch up and, in some cases, get in front.

In many cases, we confirm your concerns about whether or not your child is keeping pace with their peers. In cases where they are not keeping up, tutoring can help a child catch up and get ahead. Hence our motto, Get in Front. Stay in Front.

Usually, we tell you what you already know – however, we can tell you in detail and suggest ways of making things better.

What’s in the Assessment?

When we assess your child, it is to find whether there is an issue and, if there is one, what is the issue. Thirdly, if necessary, how we deal with the issue.

To do this, we use standardised testing in Reading, Comprehension, Spelling and in several areas of development such as memory and discrimination. Most of these give results in years and months of age – that means that, if your 12 year old is reading like a 15 year old, the result will show 15 years. Our tests in Mathematics are Grade level tests showing results as a percentage of a year level – if your Year 8 child performs adequately at Year 6 level, the result might show 78% in a Year 6 paper.

The assessment also has a questionnaire for parents to fill in. This questionnaire gives us extra knowledge about the child so that we can use this information to devise an appropriate program.

All assessment information is strictly confidential and will not be shared or sold on. The information will not be used to sell you anything. Your data is safe and protected by law.

If this sounds like the kind of professionalism you would like to see in your child’s tuition CALL 1300 851 062 or click here to send us a message.

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