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Tutoring services

Your child is important to you – possibly, the most important person in the world – so, you’ve decided to look into tuition to help.



Whether it’s because of your child’s report or because of a conversation with the teacher or because you’ve seen that your child needs a little support, you know that choosing the right tutor is difficult.

That’s where Frontrunner comes in.

We’ve been around and tutoring children from schools in Doonside for many years – whether those schools be State Schools like Doonside High or Crawford Public School or private schools like Mountain View Adventist School or St John Vianney’s Primary School or others – and have gotten to know the ways those schools do things. We understand the needs of the children of the area and the ways to help your child.

If you want t know more about what Frontrunner Learning Centres can do to help you help your child, call us on 9832 8299 or go to www.frontrunnerlearningcentres.com.au

If you’re looking for tuition, you need to ask a couple of questions:


Are they reputable?  How long have they been in Doonside?  What do they know about the needs of children in here?

Look for someone who has been around here for a long time; they will know the area, the schools and the needs of children HERE.


Are they trained teachers?  Do they have teaching experience and do they understand educational issues both in NSW and in this region?

Look for people who have experience and good training; they already “know their stuff”


Do they have training in Special Education?  In Gifted Education?

Look for someone who can do more than merely teach the syllabus.


Do they have access to other educational and health professionals?

Look for a tutor who has the respect of other professionals and get referrals from them.


Do they use recognised, standardised testing or do they guess at your child’s needs?

Look for someone who uses valid testing from well-known tests; poor testing gives wrong results and bad programs.


Is the program written for the individual?

Look for a tutor who can teach what the child needs rather than one who uses an “off the shelf” program.


How big is the group? 

If the group is bigger than six, then the children are in a classroom, not in tuition.


Do you get to see the testing?

Look for someone who wants to involve you in your child’s testing.


Is everything explained thoroughly?

Look for someone who explains what needs to be done and why.


Do you have regular contact with the tutor?

Look for someone who will keep you in touch with your child’s needs and progress. 


So, come and visit us by going down the hill from Rooty Hill RSL Club – at the roundabout on the corner or Sherbrooke St and Rooty Hill Road North.



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