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Tutoring services

You’ve decided that your child needs a little extra in learning. Maybe, it’s because the teacher has spoken to you. Maybe, it’s because of the latest report. Maybe you just see something that needs doing a little bit better.





Whatever the reason, the hard part is about to start. You need to choose a tutor. And it should be one that’s near Eastern Creek.

Looking through the internet gives you many, many options but how do you choose the best tutor for your child? You need to ask a whole lot of questions before you entrust your child’ learning to a tutor. Once you’ve answered those, you’ll find that Frontrunner Learning Centre in Rooty Hill is the place for your child.

We’ve been around and tutoring children from schools in Doonside for many years – whether those schools be State Schools like Chifley College or Eastern Creek Public School or private schools like Loyola Senior High or Sacred Heart Primary School or others – and have gotten to know the ways those schools do things. We understand the needs of the children of the area and the ways to help your child.

If you want t know more about what Frontrunner Learning Centres can do to help you help your child, call us on 9832 8299 or go to


You’ll be able to arrange a free, no obligation assessment – using recognised, standardised testing – to find out what your child needs most.

You can find us at the roundabout on Rooty Hill Rd Nth and Sherbrooke St, just over the bridge and down the hill from Rooty Hill RSL.

If you’re looking for tuition, you need to ask a couple of questions:


Are they reputable?

Look for someone who has taught in Eastern Creekfor a long time; Every area, every school, has it’s own needs. Only a local can really understand.


Are they trained teachers?

Look for a tutor who has experience and proper qualifications. Extra training in related areas, like dyslexia, ASD, linguistic development etc, means that the tutor has spent the time and effort to become better at what they do.


Do they use the skills of other educational and health professionals?

You want your tutor to have the respect of other professionals. Knowing that the tutor can refer to a professional or get support from another professional, means that your tutor can provide the best help.


How does the tutor assess??

Poor testing gives poor results. You need proper testing – as well as training in testing – to make sure that a program can be properly developed. Make sure you can watch the testing – this lets you see how your child relates to the tutor.


Is it tuition or a class?? 

If the group is bigger than six, then the children are in a classroom, not in tuition. If your child is in a session where everyone is doing, for example, Year 6 maths, then its a class, not tuition.


Is everything explained?

Does the tutor spend time explaining the results of the assessment? How about explaining the reason for the type of program?

So, whether you’re on the RSL side of the train tracks or the Eastern Quarter side, it’s only a short jump to come to the best place to help your child’s learning.

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