We Discover the Learning Style that Works Best for Your Child to Achieve Lasting Results.

With our proprietary methods and qualified tutors, we teach from the fundamentals of literacy and numeracy to HSC levels in English and Mathematics. Whether your child is trying to get in front or wants to stay in front and reach for the stars, we design learning programmes tailored to their goals, twice-exceptional students included.



Tutoring does more than raise a child’s marks. Tutoring helps build confidence, improves study habits and makes learning enjoyable. Frontrunner Learning Centres specialises in making things simple, helping children to remove confusion so they can learn at their own pace and according to their own learning style.

Our highly experienced, qualified teachers tutor our individualised programmes in a supportive, caring environment.

Speak to us today to find out how tutoring can make a positive, life-changing difference for your child.

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We know you have lots of questions. Deciding on whether or not your child needs tutoring and the kind of help they need is a complex and stressful decision, and that’s why we’re here to help.

We will tell you the kind of help your child needs, and tutoring is not always the solution. Sometimes the first thing we will do is recommend other professional help in the form of eyesight or hearing tests for example. After that you may or may not need to come back to us to bridge the learning gap caused by other issues.

We get asked so many questions and here are some of the more common ones. But remember, helping children is our favourite subject so please feel free to give us a call any time to discuss your child’s learning challenges.

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When you are unhappy with your child’s progress. A call from the teacher may inform or confirm your suspicions. In the combined experience of many years of teaching and tutoring, we have always found a parent’s intuition very accurate. In addition, this could be because you can see that the child is not doing as well as you think they should, because the school has commented or because the report makes it clear. If you are not sure, book a complimentary initial comprehensive assessment, and we’ll inform you one way or the other.
You don’t. That’s a clinical diagnosis. You can have an idea of whether it is the case but you need support to find out. After all, you don’t know whether your child has diabetes until you’ve had someone diagnose it. What is dyslexia? Dyslexia is a complex issue, and many educationalists do not use that term any longer. After what one may consider an adequate time and appropriate instruction, not reading fluently is one rule of thumb that may lead you to worry about your child having a reading problem. If your child is experiencing difficulty recognising sounds and avoids reading like the plague, then bring them in for an assessment. Some of our centres use a screening assessment that informs if your child is at risk. For a comprehensive evaluation and diagnosis, you will need to visit an educational psychologist who specialises in this area. Genetics play a role, so if there is a history in your family, there is the possibility of a reading challenge, and we can help your child overcome it.
Get a professional opinion as soon as possible. Quite often, ADHD is over-diagnosed by people who are not professionals. Make an appointment with a paediatrician via your GP, an educational psychologist or a psychiatrist who will probably ask you to complete some observational questionnaires to bring to the meeting. We can supply the questionnaires too but do not diagnose. We are specialists in working with students diagnosed with ADHD, and some of our centres offer alternative assistance with music and movement therapy. So, get a diagnosis. you could go to a paediatrician but how do you know that paediatrician is any good? You need to speak to someone who is trustworthy - not a friend but someone with specific knowledge in that field. A really experienced tutor, for example. The tutor will give advice and act as a case manager, putting things together so that you don’t waste time going to the wrong people, getting diagnoses that may lead you astray and waste valuable learning time.
We only employ teachers who care about how students learn and want to help their students achieve their potential. We use the latest innovations in education and the oldest and most proven too. We individually programme with our students’ educational and emotional needs as our focus. We have a proven record of achievement.
    We can see whether:
  1. your child actually needs tutoring or would simply benefit from extra help
  2. your child may have reading, dyslexia, processing or short term memory problems
  3. you find your child has difficulty organising, structuring or focusing
The best time to start a long trip is when you first see it needs starting. The second best time to start is now. Apart from that - we are teachers; we’ve spent many years studying, teaching in schools, honing our skills - we are professionals. We have success behind us - we’ve survived in this industry for a very long time because we’re good at it. We see a child, not just a curriculum., and we understand that something in the child needs unlocking. We act, not as a painter who lays layer upon layer to create a picture but as sculptors who take away the things that are unnecessary to reveal that which is within the raw block.

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Frontrunner’s Readbetter with Cellfield went above and beyond our expectations, improving my literacy skills by years, diminished most traces of my dyslexia and most of all it improved my confidence within myself and with others. Being able to read a novel for the first time at the age of 12 was just the first of many great achievements I have accomplished thanks to this program, placing above average in all classes throughout five years of high school and enjoyed the learning process throughout...
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