A Holistic System

Our approach is designed to make learning structured, enjoyable, easy to absorb for learners of all levels.

The Didact Frontrunner Font

After years of helping children improve their learning it became obvious that different fonts were easier for some children to read. We researched but could not find a font that met the needs of the children we were helping, so we developed the “Didact Frontrunner” font.

A font is more than just a set of characters. It must take into account the size and shape of each character as well as the spacing between each character. For example, Times Roman was developed for the newspaper industry and each character stacks neatly under the character above it. This was meant to simplify the operating of a printing press. It was not meant to make reading easier.

The Easiest Font for Children

Didact Frontrunner (also called the Frontrunner Reading font) is designed, specifically, to be read. We designed this font to be children friendly, including features such as:

The space between the characters makes each letter easier to read and is defined by the surrounding letters.
The parts of the characters that hang below or extend above the other letters are distinct and free of ornamentation.
The roundness of the characters is meant to make those letters easier to distinguish. Therefore “p” and “q” are easier to tell apart.

We use the Didact Frontrunner font in all the material we produce. By removing this one obstacle we can increase the speed at which a child may catch up. This is just one of the tools we use to assist your child in reaching their goals.

Dedicated Learning Centres

Some parents contact us and enquire about in-home one-to-one tutoring. After years of research we have found that your child benefits most from a structured learning environment delivering an individualised program. We have found that tutoring outside the home is better for many reasons such as:

  • Your child has fewer distractions
  • The Centre is designed to focus your child on the task at hand
  • Your child will see the Centre as a place to achieve
  • Your child has access to all the resources of the Centre as needed
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