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What Subjects Do We Teach

The Subjects We Tutor

The subjects we tutor depends on the topics your child needs. Frontrunner Learning Centres teach your child the fundamentals in Reading, Spelling, Comprehension, Grammar, Writing and Mathematics.

If any of these areas are weak, other subjects will suffer.

In Science, a poor grasp of Mathematics, for instance, formulas, will slow down your child’s ability to understand topics. A poor Comprehension level will make it difficult to understand questions. Poor writing skills will make it hard to answer those questions.

Even High School subjects such as PDHPE have a significant component of written work.

We can also help your child with many other subjects, depending on the individual tutor’s knowledge and ability and the unique Centre. Some Centres can help students overcome problems with Dyslexia or Language difficulties, while others can help with Histories and Science. Some Frontrunner Learning Centres offer Readbetter™, Listenbetter™ and Studybetter™ programmes. Ask your Frontrunner Learning Centre owner if they provide these courses.

Once we get your child in front with the fundamentals, all Centres can help your child stay in front with school assignments and assessment tasks.

We aim to help your child as much as possible without allowing them to take the easy way out or do it for them. We develop a confident, motivated, responsible and autonomous learner who enjoys success across the curriculum.

Does this sound like the kind of professionalism you would like to see in your child’s tutoring? CALL 1300 851 062 or click here to send us a message.

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