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There are 3 main types of tutoring. Each of those has a model and a philosophy behind it. The differences tell you everything. Look carefully at those differences before you decide on a tutor. Look at each type of tutoring, notice how different they are and see that we are a small sub-group of the last category.

Homework Help

The most common type of tuition is Homework Help. This is where a teacher – or more likely a university or school student – comes to your home and helps your child with what they are doing at school. It’s cheap because the people doing it are either poorly trained or don’t put in the effort to look deeper than your child’s current needs.

If you get someone to help with homework, please remember that your insurance needs to cover that person who is coming to do work in your household. If that person has an accident, insurance will cover it.

Also remember that there are 2 types of places a person can work in your home: in a quiet place where they won’t be disturbed (but are out of your view) or in a place where the usual family life intrudes. Either way, the tutor is coming into your child’s environment.

Exam Preparation

Another common form of tutoring is exam preparation. This is usually for Selective School or Scholarship entry or for the HSC. Usually, those in this industry are teachers who teach in a classroom environment with 12 or more (sometimes, many more) students. Your child will not get individual attention or an individual program. Often, the work is at the pace the teacher decides.

Personal Tuition (That’s us!)

The least common form of tuition is personalised tuition. Often, the teacher goes to the home and does one-to-one tutoring. That’s been covered in other articles. Sometimes, it’s in small groups. Rarely, it has a purely individual program, designed to suit a single student’s needs. The program is designed to help the individual student and to develop that student to the peak of his or her abilities.

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