Student Tutoring at Frenchs Forest

Tutoring at Frenchs Forest

As one of the original Frontrunner Learning Centres, Frenchs Forest is our longest running and one of the most established centres. Run by Jeffrey Quinn, it provides absolutely everything Frontrunner has to offer, from keeping up to getting ahead, high school transition to HSC preparation, and our specialised techniques in managing learning difficulties, including twice exceptional (2e). There is a way for every child to learn and even enjoy learning, we specialise in finding their way, their pace, and their comfort zone. We develop learning strategies for them, build their confidence, and develop a positive attitude towards education.

The most valuable lesson a child can learn in their school years is ‘how to learn’. This skill will set them up and serve them well for their entire life as they start and change careers, pursue new interests, or simply wish to broaden their horizons. Armed with tools and techniques to help them learn in their own way, at their own pace, there is little they can’t achieve. We know that every child is different so we do not subscribe to a ‘one size fits all’ approach to teaching.

Jeffrey Quinn has been educating children for over 35 years, teaching is his passion. As head of student tutoring at Frenchs Forest, he is passionate about identifying and removing the obstacles faced by children at school. He enables and empowers them with methods and techniques to make them confident in everything they do. He has spent years working with and learning from specialists in child development, dyslexia, ADHD, visual perception and hearing issues. He has an experienced and intuitive eye for these conditions and always recommends referrals to a specialist before embarking on a program to support learning for children with these conditions.

Jeffrey has built his expertise into a process which is used across the Frontrunner Franchise. Specialist knowledge is shared and leveraged across the Frontrunner network to ensure high standards consistently great results.

What Kind of Tutoring Does My Child Need?

Tutoring at Frenchs Forest is all about discovering the needs of your child. We design programs for each student depending on their individual needs, remembering that each child is different and has different challenges and different goals.

We usually find the parents who come to us with their children are keen to focus specifically on maths tutoring or english tutoring, however, we often discover opportunities for key improvements in other areas too. For example, improving a child’s comprehension can improve their confidence and ability to tackle maths problems presented as real-world situations. This kind of maths problem can go wrong from the very start if the child misinterprets the question. When a child struggles with the comprehension part of a maths question they believe they can’t do maths because they never arrive at the right answer, even though their number work is sound.

In our centres, your child is free from the pressures of the school classroom and we are able to discover the building blocks and milestones they have missed. We work on building a solid foundation, self confidence and motivation for learning.

Our Student Assessments

Frontrunner’s Proprietary Student Assessment has been developed using a combination of detailed research and many years of teaching experience. It enables us to gain a holistic view of your child’s needs and helps us to understand where to focus our efforts, what an overall program should look like and how its milestones should be set.
Whether your child is playing catch up or reaching for the stars, we design learning programs tailored to their goals. We provide a confidence-building, inspiring, safe space for learning…and that’s where the magic happens.

Special Needs

Our assessments are designed to highlight areas of special needs. Once identified, we delve deeper and, using both our specialist knowledge and innovative techniques, we develop a supportive learning program that helps our students manage their condition and overcome their learning difficulties. Sometimes we see children who suffer with sensory issues which need referring to a specialist. In these instances we wait for the advice from the specialist before taking on your child’s tutoring, so we can ensure we are addressing the root cause. Often a specialist will identify and solve the problem and so extra tuition is not needed, or perhaps just a short program of catch-up work.

We’re in the business of making ourselves redundant, and nothing gives us more pleasure than seeing children grow in their education and confidently progress from our classroom to excel independently.

Why Frontrunner?

Rarely do we appreciate the small, foundational changes that have a massive compound impact on our lives. Never are these changes more significant than in your child’s education, especially when fundamental building blocks have not been mastered.

Many students come to us with an apparent lack of interest in learning, disruptive behaviour, and attention deficit… all symptoms which magically disappear when the root-cause of these issues has been identified and addressed correctly.

Our root-cause analysis identifies what may appear to be symptomatically unrelated and sometimes seemingly small issues like impaired hearing of certain tones, light and colour sensitivity, or incorrect pencil grip. Identifying and addressing these issues and removing the barriers to progress we get what seem like miraculous results… usually quite quickly. Suddenly reading becomes fun, creative writing flows from their imaginations, and learning becomes a positive feedback loop.
The best tutoring methods involve us understanding your child’s current education level, why they are there, and where they are aiming to get to, that’s what we do. Our methods of analysis, program design and expert tuition mean we have every confidence we will help your child be the best they can be.

And that’s the Frontrunner difference.

Couldn’t hope for any better! Took my kids to Jeff at Frontrunner, Frenchs Forest and got the best information and support. Jeff and his staff are caring and knowledgeable, taking the time to find out what I really wanted for my kids. They then set about doing it. My kids have gone from strength to strength ever since. a HUGE “thank you” to Frontrunner and to Jeff.
– CyclistaLes, NSW

Centrally Located

Frontrunner’s Frenchs Forest tutoring centre is located within Frenchs Forest Shopping Centre. This convenient location is situated at the southern entrance to the Northern Beaches, in the heart of the Forest District, with easy road access on one of the main arterials from the city. Centrally located at a major junction, serviced by major roads and bus routes, access couldn’t be easier. Our position in the shopping centre means you’ll always have somewhere to park for drop-offs and pickups, and plenty to do if you want to wait.

We are located within reach of over 20 primary and high schools making for a short and simple after-school journey to us.

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