Tutoring – investing in your child’s future

Tutoring does more that raise a child’s marks. Tutoring helps your child achieve as far as possible. Whether it is for the best marks possible or to help raise confidence or to improve work habits, tutoring is what can make the difference. As the old adage goes, “The more you learn, the more you earn“.


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What Client’s Say

When Jacob was in year 3 his teacher was concerned about how distracted he was.   I had Jacob assessed. This knowledge lead us in the right direction in helping Jacob.
Craig, Son, Jacob
…I was a student doing tutoring at Frontrunner Learning Centre at Rooty Hill and all I can say is, this is simply the BEST tutoring place I have ever gone to. Their tutors are extremely intelligent and friendly, there are no other tutoring places that come close. I highly recommend it.
Louie, student
Since the diagnosis my son’s grades have really improved. He has gained a spot in an extension maths class and is doing really well in other areas, including English. The biggest improvement is his confidence and effort that he puts into his school work. I would recommend the services of Frontrunner Learning Centres to anyone who needs some extra help.
Name withheld but available on request
 Martin is fair, has a heart, he listen to what parents want, you accommodate children’s needs – if something’s too hard or they can’t do it, you explain things properly.
Mrs M, parent of 3 children at the Rooty Hill Centre

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