How Does Readbetter™ work?

In the last 15 years, brain-imaging technology has made it possible to see brains working while a child is reading. Normal readers use their left half of their brain in a compact, interconnected and highly efficient way. Poor readers use both sides of their brains in a disconnected and highly inefficient way. In early stages of reading, none of this matters much. In later stages of reading, it matters much... very much. Reading fluently with good comprehension needs many things to happen very quickly. Our eyes need to see words coming in peripheral vision, before we actually look at them. Seeing always comes first. Sound structure needs to follow almost instantaneously.

By the time words come into central vision, fluent readers already understand what they are reading. They use high speed scanning for checking, not reading.



Readbetter™ with Cellfield builds a series of activities using a neuro-scientific computer program(s) and paper based related materials incorporating the supportive theories of brain plasticity to synchronise information and deliver it directly where it is needed, quickly and efficiently. Only then can children recognise words in peripheral vision, and have spare processing capacity in working memory to think about meaning. It is this increased processing capacity that makes it possible for Readbetter™ Cellfield children to make the transition into fluent reading.  Readbetter™ with Cellfield is a Two Phase course that will make a positive difference the Lachlan’s reading.

Phase One is an intensive 10 days study for approximately 80 minutes each day over two weeks; while at night the students have homework to do to prepare for the following day at the centre.

Phase Two is an intensive reading, reading comprehension and spelling course with activities that focus on extending the positive effects of Phase One combined with.


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