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Life-changing tutoring solutions

Proud to help you help your child achieve:


-better results at school across the curriculum

-greater understanding from reading - with our Readbetter ™ program we are curing Dyslexia for many

-mastery of basic Mathematics facts

-automaticity with times tables

-higher levels and better results with High School Mathematics, English, Science

-test results beyond their wildest dreams

-starting, editing and publishing their writing

-fixing their spelling errors and writing without having to worry about making mistakes

-study skills and time management that will last a lifetime

-greater concentration and focus from our various sound and music programs


How do we help your child to enjoy success?


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Frontrunner tutors empower your child to feel confident and motivated for the next stage of their education journey. 

Our life-changing tutoring solutions manifest positive growth so that school becomes more interesting and learning becomes fun again.


Call 1300 851 062 to book your child's free online comprehensive assessment today.

Upon enrolling your centre director or online tutor will create an interesting, flexible and relevant program tailor-made for your child’s needs.


Ask how our additional neuro-scientifically proven programs can help your child succeed.


Book your free online assessment today and give your child the gift that lasts forever. Education.


Life-changing tutoring solutions

Unique Teaching Resources

To teach, a teacher needs tools.  The better the resources, the better the teacher can do the job.  It’s said that a bad tradesman blames his tools.  However, have you ever seen a good tradesman with bad tools?

Without the best resources, a teacher cannot do a good job.



At a Frontrunner Learning Centre, you will see many, many textbooks.  Many are designed for use by teachers in tuition.  Many are the same as your child uses at school.

There is a problem with school textbooks – they’re meant for use at school.  They are designed to be used is a classroom environment and not for use in tuition. These books can be useful but they have their limitations.

That’s why we develop many of our own resources.


Frontrunner Texts

These texts come from our decades of experience in tuition.  They are designed to suit the needs that our students bring to us.  They are graded according to the difficulty of the task and the way that the developing brain changes.

Of course, the teacher decides how to use the texts but these are the resources that are designed specifically for use in our Centres.


Reading Material

We have a wide range of material for teaching reading.  From basic letter recognition, through phonics, phonemics through to whole language.  From work developed in conjunction with speech therapists to work developed by teachers, we have a wide range of material because children have a wide range of needs.

We have worksheets, concrete materials, audio work and writing – all aimed at teaching children to read.



We understand that there are 9 different forms of comprehension and that a good student knows all these forms.  We teach these forms both individually and together – both explicitly and implicitly.  Your child will receive the most detailed teaching of comprehension possible.



Our Spelling program is designed to teach many, different skills in spelling.  From learning rules and exceptions to memorising word patterns to morphology.  We use a wide range of different types of activities that are supported by research – we don’t use activities that don’t work!



We understand that writing is a challenge for many children. That’s why we teach them, very carefully, to write well.  Those who write well, like writing.  These is no addiction greater than success – that’s why we want your child to succeed.



We use worksheets and computer programs that have been specifically designed for use in tutoring.  No programs or texts designed by mathematicians but by teachers who tutor.



We use a specific font to help children who may have letter recognition problems.  The lines on the page are spaced according to the child’s needs as specified by research.  That means, the younger the child, the more spaced the lines and the larger the letters.  We use a dark grey print on white paper to eliminate the problems caused by overly strong contrast. This is just a few of the examples of the importance of getting the font correct.



We have a vast array of computer programs, both commercially-available and proprietary, that are designed to help your child succeed. We add these as appropriate to your child’s program.  Tablets, as well as computers, add an extra dimension our teaching.

Getting the details right – the little things –  will make your child’s stay with Frontrunner Learning Centres more productive and happy.

If this sounds like the kind of tuition you would like for your child, CALL 1300 851 065 for a free, no obligation educational assessment or click here to go to our centres page to find your local centre.

who is behind?

Jeffrey Quinn’s background of 33 years making a positive difference in families' lives is its founder. 

Jeffrey has unique features. His ability to make learning interesting, rewarding, and enjoyable makes the difference in how children deal with difficulties. Having the right balance of patience and affection he leads the child to dedicate himself with commitment and to feel good throughout the process and the outcomes.

He believes that every child has its potential and dedicates his life to find innovative ways to help families in all stages of the learning and literacy process. Every child is welcome and by making the assessment free, his vision is to help families try to find solutions that will change everyone's life for the better.

Martin Marshall


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